Frequently asked Questions

Can you help with my child's school education?

No, our trust deed does not allow us to help with children's education at school. Young people over 16 studying in Further Education may very occasionally be considered, but only if their circumstances are unusually difficult.

Can you help with the costs of continuing ministry education or clergy sabbatical years?

No, our focus is teacher education, and therefore we only help clergy if they are currently teaching, or planning to train to teach, or are serving as school chaplains.

Can you help with the cost of training for other careers?

No. If you are following a course which specifically prepares you for a career other than teaching - such as accountancy, business, counselling, dance, law, medicine, nursing or veterinary work - we cannot help you. We will consider those training to be classroom assistants or related school work. Our focus is teacher education, so we may consider you if you are taking a degree in a subject which may lead to teaching.

Can you help with fees or maintenance for a further or second degree?

We can only help with PGCE courses, or courses or research directly related to the teaching of Religious Education. We cannot help with follow-up Masters degrees.

I am in the middle my course and running out of money. Can you help with an emergency grant?

No, our grant funds are allocated before the start of each academic year and we do not set aside money for emergency grants mid-year. If you are worried about your finances next year, you should apply in good time in the normal way.

What is the normal amount of a grant?

Most of our grants to individuals are between £500 - £1250. We will consider requests for smaller amounts if the fees are less. Some grants may be greater than average depending on your financial circumstances. Grants to organisations vary between £500 and several thousand pounds, but rarely more than £10,000.

When can I expect to hear the result of my application?

Corporate and Diocesan awards are normally announced in mid-May. Some individual awards may also be decided by mid-May. Most individual awards will be announced in mid-July.

When are grants paid?

Most individual grants are paid out late in September. Larger grants may be paid in two instalments, the second in January.